About Me



I grew up having the privilege of learning from some of the best walleye fisherman and spending countless hours on the water.

Although I grew up mainly fishing on lakes all over the great state

of Minnesota, I eventually transitioned myself to the river.

I've been fishing on the river for over twelve years now and it's been

my primary focus for the last eight years.

I started out twelve years ago focusing mainly on the St. Croix River

but over the last five years have heard the calling of the mighty

 Mississippi River and the challenges it brings.

Mastering the waters of these two great rivers has been one of my

greates challenges. I love river fishing because the rivers are always

changing and the fish move around frequently and the scenery is beautiful. 

 It has taken me many years of trial and error to be able to consistently put fish

in the livewell,  I fish the river year around but my favorite time is when the St

 Croix river opens back up for walleyes, I spend almost everyday chasing walleyes

 and putting in time to better serve my clients, then when the St Croix freezes

 up, I'm back on the mighty Mississippi till the St Croix walleye season opens back

 up again. Seems something is always willing to bite and on slow walleye days

 smallmouth and crappies can be targeted and my favorite thing about the river

 is you never know what you might catch! 


I am a life changed


I Pray That The Lord

Will Be Your Guide

And You Will Find

The Peace In Your Life

That Only A Relationship

With Jesus Christ Can Offer!

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